The BAS : Committee Members

Jr. Secretary



Nilesh Kinkale paintings synthesize, sometimes uneasily, two major themes of modernism: high moral seriousness and ironic sensuality and artifice. Like those of the imaginary gas cylinders, urns, cans into nostalgic meditations on memory and loss. Kinkale’s works resemble a series, each containing strikingly beautiful, abstract life-forms reminding us of the multiple aspects of all things, of humanity's adventures with matter. A. Master of Fine Arts Graduate from Sir. J. J. School of Arts, Nilesh Kinkale pays a tribute to the dreamlike icons and floating figures of the acclaimed artist, Prabhakar Barwe. He refers to what lies under the skin: unicellular life. His work refers to experiences and emotions rather than the optical illusions we so decisively term 'matter'. We all seek a common thread in whatever we observe, something as a reference and say, yes, I can see that or maybe even understand that. Artists are those who play with their associations, bringing new ones, sometimes infuriating us, often leaving us vertiginous and tottering as they pull the rug from under our feet. Most of all, they are the storytellers of our tumultuous times.

Apart from his contribution towards The Bombay Art Society as a Honorary Secretary, Kinkale is also founder of The Arka Art Trust, a non-profit organization based in Mumbai.