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R2C Program


R2C Program – A Brief

The research, restoration of information and conservation of rich cultural heritage of paintings, sculptures, the painters & sculptors is of paramount importance, so that the values, information pertaining to same does not vanish due to irresponsible acts supposedly attributable to the absence of research, non documentation, lost references /records etc. to say the least. It is important to be proactive and conserve this information, so that not only the present contributions by the Indian artists could be preserved, but the ones from past could also be restored by undertaking rigorous research, documentation & digitization.

R2C is Research, Restoration of information & Conservation Program that has been designed with an intention to protect national heritage of Art & Culture. The Program consists of creating a database on Painters, Sculptors of the past and present generations, especially with regards to their early life, the inspirations and values they thrived on, their contributions in the related art and the achievements they attained highlighting their overall life cycle digitally, in audio visual format, data sheets etc. Such database would be encased in the form of documentary / educational film/s as an end product for the purpose of Bombay Art Society's Library, information for circulation and education to the interested students, artisans etc.


• Program aims at protection of Art, Artists viz. Painters & Sculptors and their contributions.
• Making of 500 Films on 500 Artists who contributed immensely in the arena of Art & Culture.
• Program is designed to promote special & vocational education.
• Program aims at setting up a Public Digital Library for promotion and development of Art, Artists viz. Painters & Sculptors.
• The Program would be great education and inspiration to the future generation of Artists.


5 Years


R2C Program is Compliant as per Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 as under:
• Protection of Art, Restoration of Works of Art
• Setting up of Public Digital Library
• Promotion of Special & Vocational Education
• 100% Tax Deduction under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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