Considering Covid-19 pandemic, this year Society's 129th All India Annual Art Exhibition 2021 is presented  in online. This year 3500+ artworks entries are received. Selected 500 artworks and 49 award winning artworks are displayed for online exhibition and sale. 

PAGE NO : 12

Minajul Islam
32 x 38 Inches
Mix media on Iron Sheet
INR. 1,60,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P166

Bhavana Saxena
Traditional PHAD Pabuji
101 x 41 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 65,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P167

Ishwar Chand 
Metamorphosis I & II
16 x 32 Inches
Acrylic on rice paper pasted on Canvas
INR. 45,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P168

Ramesh Pachpande
Radha krishna
36 x 48 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 3,60,000 
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P169

Jaswinder singh Raja
The Shed
22 x 30 Inches
INR. 30,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P170

Kaushik Gupta             
Down Memory Lane
48 x 24 Inches
Mixed Media on Canvas
INR. 75,000 
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P171

In the memory of Late Shri Gunavant Hanamant Nagarkar Award for Best Painting

Nirakar Chowhury
60 x 30 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 1,00,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P172

Dnyaneshwar Ingle
Untitled 11
36 x 60 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 90,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P173

Ganesh Chavan
Untitled I 
12 x 24 Inches
Oil on Canvas
INR. 20,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P174

Chandan Bhowmick
72 x 180 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 5,00,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P175

Sandeep Ghule   
Childhood Memoeies
48 x 120 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 5,00,000 
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P176

Lalit Kala Akademi Jury's Choice Award

Abhishek Pandey
Varanasi Street 4
30 x 33 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Ref No:BAS-L1

Atul Gendle
Old House
24 x 24 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 25,000 
Artwork Ref No:BAS-L2

Gauri Palekar
8 x 9 Inches
Water Colour on paper
INR. 5,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-L3

Mangesh Shinde
Nivati 2
24 x 27 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 35,000 
Artwork Ref No:BAS-L4