Considering Covid-19 pandemic, this year Society's 129th All India Annual Art Exhibition 2021 is presented  in online. This year 3500+ artworks entries are received. Selected 500 artworks and 49 award winning artworks are displayed for online exhibition and sale. 


Archana Sharma
20 x 16 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 20,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P121

Avishek Saha
Machine and Life
69 x 50 Inches
Pen and Ink
INR. 70,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P122

Bapu Baviskar   
35 x 29 Inches
Acrylic on Paper
INR. 1,35,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P123

Lalit Kala Akademi Award for Best Painting

Bhavna Sonawane
The Lotus Pond
72 x 48 Inches
Mix Media on Canvas
INR. 2,00,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P124

Chandrapal Panjre
Village Life
48 x 42 Inches
Katha Fabric
INR. 80,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P125

Chandrapal Panjre
Element of village IV
72 x 60 Inches
Katha Fabric
Not For Sale
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P126

Chetana Sudame
11.5 x 16 Inches
Mixed Media On Paper
INR. 20,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P127

Digamber Gavali
Song of Life
36 x 48 Inches
Arcylic on Canvas
INR. 81,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P128

Indu Tripathy
My dream has wings
36 x 48 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 1,20,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P129

Kusumlata Sharma           
Threads of Life
32 x 42 Inches
Acrylic and soft pastel
INR. 1,00,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P130

In the memory of Late Guru Artist Dr. Omprakash Bhatnagar Award for Painting (Sponsored by Dr. Madhuri Kathe)

Kalipada Purkait
Still life with people
35 x 42 Inches
Mixed media on Canvas
INR. 1,25,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P131

Huma Khan
Untitled 1
48 x 60 Inches
Acrylic ink on Canvas
INR. 3,00,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P132

Manoj Mohanty
Inner Phovia 1 Lockdown time
Watercolor on Paper
11.7 x 16.5 Inches
INR. 75,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P133

Manish V Bobade
My Pet 1
33 x 50 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 80,000
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P134

Mangesh Kapse
Lock down 1
48 x 48 Inches
Acrylic on Canvas
INR. 75,350
Artwork Ref No:BAS-P135