The Bombay Art Society Art Complex, Opp. Rang Sharada Hotel, Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai 400050

Flexible Batches for working individuals of all age groups (16 to 80 years age). 

Drawing & Painting Classes : Basic 3 months Course and Advance One year Diploma

In the fast-moving life in Mumbai, many arts inclined individuals wish to unwind themselves by indulging in creative pursuits! Here is an opportunity to dive deep into the world of creativity not only as a hobby but to make the creativity your career!!

Art makes us feel lively, creative, expressive and it has the power to transcend language barriers; art plays a crucial role in shaping and renewing cultures; art has not only been a measuring tool of socio-cultural development of the society but also an indicator of level of economic wellbeing of the civilization. We, at the Bombay Art Society(BAS) endeavour to create multi-purpose creative spaces for community engagement; BAS art classes are one of the platforms to engage arts inclined individuals to enrich quality of their life, heal their body and mind, make them more productive, make their surrounding prettier and inspiring place to live in and even explore economic avenues through art.   

The Bombay Art Society, promoting arts and artists since 1888 is opening new avenues for art lovers to acquire visual arts skill.  The qualified mentors and veterans in the world of art impart the art training at the inspiring art complex of The Bombay Art Society! The art class duration is three months or 24 sessions for Basic course and one year or 200 sessions for Advance course! These are the only “Art-Classes’ where not only drawing & painting skills are taught and honed by artworlds eminent practicing artists but thorough guidance on how to enter the professional art world is also given by art market experts in the send-off session!!  Rather, with this art classes, we ensure entry of our students into professional art world with a group exhibition after completion of 24 sessions for basic course or 200 sessions for advance course. Student can complete 24 sessions or 200 sessions in the next batch even if they missed few sessions during their regular batch.   Join today to enjoy the world of lines, colours, and forms!

We impart an art education which has the power to transform, to illuminate, inspire and motivate. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Join our art education program to explore unknown side of your creative talent!! 

The drawing and painting classes at the Bombay Art Society Art complex with state-of-the-art facility, takes you on painting journey, starting from basics to advance learning, introducing a wide range of painting genres, styles and techniques making it suitable for beginners as well as advance leaners to hone their skill and create better portraits, landscapes, figurative art, abstract art and much more. The course will not only take your skills to the next level but instil the confidence to enter in the specialized professional art world. The course syllabus will be taught by talented and practicing artists and well-known art college professors and principals of reputed art institutions.

After the three months basic course or one year’s advance course, the selected artworks produced by the students during the course will be displayed in a group exhibition at the Bombay Art Society’s airconditioned Art Galleries.  This will not only help our students get feedback on the progress but will also provide straight opportunity to enter in the professional art world with a group show in their profile at reputed art gallery. Last but least, the students will get first-hand knowledge on art market and how to approach professional art world after completion of course. So, hurry and join the world of creativity!!                                                                                     

For more details, please call/whatsapp our managers 8976044106 or 7400009778 or
email at bombayartsociety@gmail.com or info@bombayartsociety.org

Unbelievable Flexibility for Working individuals!
Provision to attend all missed sessions even beyond course duration!

Basic : Three months Course in

Drawing & Painting

 Duration: Three Months 

24 Session of 90 minutes each

Advance: One year Diploma in

Drawing & Painting: One Year 

200 Sessions of 90 minutes each
100 Sessions of 180 minutes each

    Course Fees : Rs.25,000 + 18% GST=29,500 
    Note: Course Fees includes Group exhibition Participation after completion of the course
Click here of Art Class Syllabus: Basic
Choose Flexible Batches from
Monday to Sunday

(Two days a week for Basic Course)
(Thursday Holiday)


    Course Fees : Rs.75,000 + 18% GST= Rs.88,500
    Note: Course Fees includes Group exhibition Participation after completion of the course
Click here of Art Class Syllabus: Advance
Choose Batches for Advance Course
Monday, Tuesday, Wed and Friday or Weekend batch
(Four days a week for Weekdays batch, 90 minutes) or
(Two days a week for Weekend Batch, 180 Minutes)
(Thursday Holiday)

   Batches : bASIC-aNY 2 DAYS
 MoNday to Friday

 10.00am to 11.30am

5.30pm to 7.00pm

(Thursday Holiday)


   Batches: bASIC

 10.00am to 11.30am

11.30AM TO 1.00AM

5.30pm to 7.00pm



   Batches: aDVANCE-4 DAYS

 11.30AM TO 1.00AM

4.00PM TO 5.30PM

(Thursday Holiday)


   Batches: aDVANCE-2 DAYS

2.30pm to 5.30pm



One Year migration Diploma for students of Basic Course Batch

After Completion of Basic Course, students can Migrate to One Year Diploma in drawing & Painting by just paying difference of fees Rs.50,000 Plus 18% GST = 59,000
Total Sessions to be attended:  176 Sessions more of 90 Minutes each or 88 Sessions of 180 Minutes each in Next nine months
(Missed sessions can be attended even after completion of nine months duration)

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