BAS Art Classes

We impart art education which has the power to transform, to illuminate, inspire and motivate!! Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will! Join our art education program to explore the unknown side of your creative talent!

 In the fast-moving life in Mumbai, many arts inclined individuals wish to unwind themselves by indulging in creative pursuits! Here is an opportunity to dive deep into the world of creativity not only as a hobby but to make the creativity your career!!

The Bombay Art Society, promoting arts and artists for 132 years is opening new avenues for art lovers to acquire ‘drawing and painting skills’. The veterans in the world of art impart the art training at the inspiring art complex of The Bombay Art Society! This is the only “Master Art Class’ where not only drawing and painting skills are honed but thorough guidance on how to enter the professional art world is also given!! The art class duration range from two weeks to three months! Join today to enjoy the world of lines, colours and forms!