Alpesh Sagara

(9 customer reviews)


Relaxing Woman
Silver Foil Brass FRP
15 x 14 x 8 Inches
Ref No: 730-171


9 reviews for Alpesh Sagara

  1. Sonal

    Very nice work.

  2. Jignesh Sagara

    Nice work

  3. Sheetal j sagara

    fabulous work

  4. Piya sagara

    Alpesh sagara Excellent Sculpture, great concept

  5. Sonal

    Grt work.with new concept.

  6. Sejal sanghvi

    You have artistic touch of your grand father Piraji sagra…. keep it up with such a beautiful ideas….

  7. Ami

    Very interesting title and unique sculpture!

  8. Rohan

    Interesting visualisation!

  9. Sonal Nanavati

    Unique and amazing piece of art work!

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