Anagha Deshpande

(49 customer reviews)


India In The Age of AI
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36 Inches
Ref No: 718-11


49 reviews for Anagha Deshpande

  1. Meghan Belsare

    Splendid art! The attention to details is amazing❤️

  2. Arya Deshpande

    A very futuristic approach. A painting with a beautiful meaning!

  3. D Anand

    Nice paining showing the path of progress. The intricate work is very impressive. A very good example of art depicting the technological advancements.

  4. Arya Deshpande

    A very futuristic approach to the painting. The thought behind the painting is wonderful. The colour combinations are visually pleasing. Great work!??

  5. Aditi Dole

    Superb piece of art!!!! Thought process synchronizing with colour scheme is what makes it unique….

  6. Abhilasha

    Beautiful colour combinations.. Loved the different patterns seen in the painting.. Lovely creation..

  7. Simran Chandak

    Great artpiece!

  8. Nidhi

    Amazing work

  9. Gaurav Dambal

    Splendid artist with a taste of great imagination ❤️

  10. Sukanya Dandekar

    A very modern yet thoughtful painting… Giving essence to something ordinary!

  11. Shriya Joshi

    Stunning artwork of an emerging concept!!

  12. Eshani Damle

    Brilliant work!? the detailing is just fantastic!

  13. Tanaya

    A beautiful interaction between the foreground and background thus merging two worlds together! Love the minute details❤

  14. Shama Gajendragadkar

    Amazing work. Splendid colours. Loved it

  15. Muriel Carvalho

    Awesome painting beautiful colours you are a great artist

  16. Urmila Walvekar

    Modern approach amazing work

  17. Urmila Walvekar

    Modern look ! Just loved it

  18. Shilpa Chandavarkar

    Amazing work of Art depicting the gradual changes & still reflecting connect between yesterday today.Surely, a state of Art Work. Many congratulations.

  19. Beena Gavasane

    Superb Work, great piece of art, very meaningful and colour scheme excellent.

  20. Geetha R Shetty

    Wow it’s amazing
    You are too good

  21. Amarpreet Kaur Chadha

    Brilliant work ??? Masterpiece

  22. Suparna Gokhale

    Awesome painting, depicting the changing technology. Beautiful use of the colors.

  23. Sonali Ramnani

    Awesome painting…. Loved the concept.

  24. Nirmala

    Amazing art.love the stroke which is your signature style.

  25. Rajashree

    Beautiful art with a connecting message and vibrant colors

  26. Mary Rajan

    Superb Brilliant Amazing piece of Art. Loved it!!

  27. Deepa Pawar

    Magnificent Marvellous Outstanding

  28. Smita kothiwale

    Amazing work,splendid colors, just loved it.

  29. Ritika C

    SynchroniCity… Amazed at the depth and layers of life you teleport us through in your work of Art… Simply awesome…❤️

  30. Bharati Shivaprakash

    Incredible art Anagha .

  31. Bharati Shivaprakash

    Amazing art Anagha.

  32. Adv. Sangeeta Deshprabhu

    Brilliant Art ? the artist is a visionary covering all aspects Buildings, Road, People, Vehicle, Birds and amazing colour combination with intricate work. The dedication, artistic approach n perfection of this painting takes it to another level. Appreciate this art work as one of the best ?????

  33. jayashree

    Amazing beautiful soothing effect

  34. Leena Kamat Prabhu

    Yet again beautiful painting from Anagha.. Brilliant theme & all elements so very well depicted – the chaos, peace, modernism, patriotism, the speed, the path & most important the mind… All so very well woven together.. Making it all Sync.. Beautiful use of colours and carrying your signature style… Fantastic work..

  35. Madhumanti Mukherjee

    Amazing piece of art!! Choice of colours and futuristic thought depiction is marvelous!

  36. Dr Surekha R Patil

    Astonishing MasterPiece of Work, Anagha!!! Amazed at the intricate details you have covered and the colour combinations are just so soothing to the eyes. Simply Magical ?????

  37. Pushpa gulabani

    Superb, love your paintings, taken care of all the minute details, colours are just perfect.

  38. Sangeeta Kulkarni

    Superb art work, very colourful , depicting the modern concepts. You are truly a great artist

  39. Rajani S Hongal

    You have put in lot of work into this piece and it has paid off…. great job
    Anagha… it’s amazing.

  40. Dr Mrs Madeena A Maldar

    Mesmerizing Anagha . Simply beautiful

  41. Janhavi Atre

    Vivid colors impart a very pleasing and aesthetic effect to the painting..
    Loved the artist ‘s wonderful imagination

  42. Neeta

    Beautiful … art layee bhari

  43. Priyanka P

    A very imaginative and inspiring piece of art!!!

  44. Hurein sultan

    A beautiful creativity n it’s a joy to view the superb artwork ?


    Mesmerising Cool colors with loud elements classy painting Anagha


    Mesmerising Cool master piece with so much depictions so much so soothing Art Anaga your Art just amazing


    Mesmerising master piece cool soothing colors with so much depictions. It us always a pleasure to watch your Art

  48. Archana Rajmane

    Simply Awesome! You truly have magic in your hands.Very good colour combination toon ??❤

  49. Archana Rajmane

    Simply Awesome! Very good combination of colors. You truly have magic in your hands. ????Keep going!

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