Anju Rajan

(81 customer reviews)


Charcoal & Pastel on Paper
28 x 20 Inches
Ref No: 726-32


81 reviews for Anju Rajan

  1. Shadesofcalm


  2. Manju Rose

    He truly seems to transcend.

  3. Neha Shoni

    It’s so pretty and awesome ??

  4. Nithin Balakrishnan

    Such an Amazing work… ???

  5. Jits

    Looks Fabulous ?

  6. Meera Mathew

    So real !! the eyes speak to you. Beautiful !!

  7. Karuna

    So real.

  8. Soorej Suresh

    Talent artist with lots of good works

  9. Soorej Suresh

    Talented artist with lots of fantastic works

  10. Anita

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  11. Georgey

    Outstanding work done by anju…Loved this one , absolutely fine artwork…I am simply wonderstruck by her ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas…I have been following her work , and this one showcases her formidable talent….Keep up the good work anju ???

  12. Nina Nayar

    The contrasts, details and honest, realistic interpretation make this painting special.

  13. Dhanya Raghunath

    This is so beautiful…

  14. Pragati

    One of the finest artists I have known. Her work is exemplary with great underlying messages in all her paintings.

  15. Sooraj K Nair


  16. Parmesh Venkateswaran

    Anju’s art showcases deep human emotions. She captures the pensiveness of the human mind. Her use of charcoal on paper is just immaculate. Her expression of art is truly due to a deeper connection with human emotions.

  17. Sajeena Anil

    Great work ?

  18. Raigon Ignatius

    Great work Anju

  19. KN Biju

    This is by far one of the best charcoal based paintings I have seen till now. Overall it’s very nice

  20. Omana

    Amazing work

  21. Aparna

    An evocative portrayal of age and the bruises it leaves on the body and mind!

  22. Radhika Bachani


  23. Annaphurni

    Wonderful work..the facial expression is very well captured.

  24. Ramesh Shirali

    Anju’s painting are always with meaning and makes a person to think deeply. Her brush pours into the canvas life and soul.
    I highly recommend to possess her paintings.
    My best wishes to Anju for the exhibit and look forward to more of her work

  25. Karman

    Incredibly meticulous and intricate is what comes to my mind when I think of Anju Rajan. The passion she carries for Art is commendable.
    I won’t hesitate in giving Anju my highest endorsement and I wish her all the best and even more successful and rewarding career in the future.

  26. Akhila

    Wow fantastic art?

  27. Mrs. Usman

    I’m in absolute awe of this painting. The detailing is just amazing.

  28. Riya

    Picture perfect!

  29. Gayathri

    Beautiful Picture.

  30. Karthika Prasad

    Its a beautiful piece of art. The detailing is absolutely stunning!!

  31. Hari Krishnan

    Very good, the detailing is excellent. Wish you all the best?

  32. Ramesh


  33. Vidya Karigirivasan

    Anju’s work has always been exquisite. Apart from being extremely skillful, she creates art from a place of passion and authenticity, and you can feel the emotion behind every piece. This particular art “Transcendence” for me, portrays a sense of calm. You can feel the worldly wisdom in the eyes of the subject, and a sense of detachment and peace. The mastery of details in the work itself is beautiful. I wish her the very best.

  34. Manoj


  35. Ashley Jose

    Beautiful piece..!! Great job Anju.. ?

  36. Manju George


  37. Sanju Karthikeyan


  38. Naz

    Stunningly beautiful and unique! I am quite simply blown away by Anju Rajan’s ability to translate such innate energy onto the canvas.

  39. Aarati Ajay

    Exquisite!! The details are mind blowing. Love the concwot and the execution is flawless!!!

  40. Arun Madhavan

    Top notch art work.

  41. Rene Johnson

    Absolutely gorgeous

  42. Anu Sebastian

    Wow Anju! Thats a masterpiece!perfection in evey detail..

  43. Karthika

    Beautiful work. The detailing is absolutely stunning!!

  44. Kavita Kumar

    I would say this is one of Anju’s masterpiece.She has been able to capture the pain of an old man on canvas beautifully.They say eyes speaks volumes.But Anju’s paintings speak for themselves.Simply marvelous and this painting caught my attention the minute she shared this.The forehead lines will make anyone’s heart skip a beat and make the person feel the pain too.I don’t think any painting could capture beauty and emotion so well.

  45. Manju Rose

    He truly transcends

  46. Shri

    Anju’s art is quite deep, magical and mesmerising. The kind of art that leaves an impact forever.

  47. Manjula Ramakrishnan

    An Art not what you see,but you make others see and feel, what a beautiful Artistic approach!!! Transformation of spiritual free soul, You have put a lot of work into the sketch,definitely outstanding ???Wish you all success Anju Rajan. Looking forward more and more creative arts of yours

  48. Valsaraj

    Wonderful painting

  49. Sarika Haridas

    Fantastic Work

  50. Ponnamma Karthikeyan


  51. Shihas

    This is just amazing.

  52. Dimple T


  53. Aditi

    Amazing artist ,her skills r the best .

  54. Shalini Sreekanth


  55. Tripti Warrier

    The art work is intense. The emotions on the face has been captured well. Variations of the grey shades to depict the effect of light is striking.

  56. Gayathri Mohan

    Beautiful Painting.

  57. Anoop raj

    “I truly enjoy Anjus’ artwork and appreciate the depth of her artistic talents. Each piece in the collection has an experience to share. All of her paintings have so much to look at – within each abstractions is a little clue or figure that gives you a tiny glimpse into the mind of this great artist. Keep going Anju

  58. Shruthi

    Beautiful depiction of fading life of a man as an enlightened being … amazing artwork ..!

  59. Latha Lavanya

    Beautiful painting with naturalistic and figurative. Feels like narrating philosophical content.

  60. Madhu Samuel

    Beautifully expressed. Our manifestation into human form is one of the transcendence experience we already have if we are willing to experience the world around us compassionately.

  61. Muth

    Excellent painting… looks natural …liked it a lot

  62. Giggle George

    Awesome work.
    I have always been a fan of Anju’s artwork.

  63. Nisha

    Beautiful painting Anju? So proud of you ❤️

  64. Dhanya

    Amazing painting !! So alive, feels like you can just touch.

  65. sheffy tattarath


  66. Suman Gopinath

    An amazing piece of work. I love the charcoal colours and the originality of the painting. She has done an amazing job with the textures on the face of the yogi

  67. Preethi Rajagopalan

    This is beautiful! The old man fading away as the wrinkles on his face and forehead tell the story of his hard life as he looks back at the life he lived. The painting has life and tells its own story.

  68. Shalini Antony

    Very insightful and deep . like a thousand pieces of history ot experience has made him who he is today.Almost looks like you can touch the person and feel him. Amazing work Anju!

  69. Manjima

    Wow.. Awesome work Anju!

  70. Deepak Varma

    Awesome work Anju

  71. Abhay Soorej

    A very deep and thought provoking artwork about transformation and ascending to a higher level. Its reminds me of the quote ” if you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun”.

  72. Ajith

    Wow…Beautiful work!!!!

  73. Deepak Sreedharan

    This is awesome.

  74. Sandeep.vr

    Its a superb…art&u r a really talented artist too…

  75. Anil Kumar

    Very good piece of work

  76. Vijay Angappan

    As usual amazing and fantastic. Your work speaks a lot.

  77. Lijesh

    What a wonderful creativity!

  78. Arun Raj

    Fantastic work! I have zoomed in so many times to get a better look at this sketch. The details are amazing, the wrinkles and hair look so real. Great work Anju!

  79. Lekshmi Nandagopan

    An incredible artist who portrays the depth of reality in all her artworks. Always proud of you sister???

  80. Shyla Prasad

    Beautiful work mole.

  81. Leena

    It is an amazing work.

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