Dr Arunima Shrivastava

(27 customer reviews)


Watercolor on Paper
16.5 x 11.5 Inches
Ref No: 805-149


27 reviews for Dr Arunima Shrivastava

  1. Mayank

    Almost like a sculpture! Artist has done a complete justice. Congratulations. Would love to see more of her work.

  2. Aman Singh

    Amazing work

  3. Tanmay

    Wonderful use of shades and highlights to accentuate the I intricate patterns.

  4. Nawaz Ashraf

    wow this is so amazing

  5. Pallavi Khare

    The painting is beautiful. Such deep colours have been achieved using watercolor. Excellent

  6. Jyotsna joshi

    So Beautiful , amazing art

  7. Vishal Jain

    Beautiful painting

  8. Vibhuti Yadav

    Very beautiful

  9. Rani

    Wow painting

  10. Manoj Gautam

    Fantastic piece of art. Wishing you huge success and glory.

  11. Sk

    Sheer mesmerizing…
    One can easily meditate on it. One can feel the readiness, playfulness in Ganesh’s stance and interactive nature.

  12. Sk

    Sheer mesmerizing…

    One can feel the readiness, playfulness in Ganesh’s stance and interactive nature.

  13. Aman Nidhi

    Amazing piece of art

  14. Priya Shrivastava

    Stupendous work……. The detailing of the painting is phenomenal……..Kudos to the artist

  15. Nivedana Antil

    Love the colours of Ganpati jee! The artist paints frm heart.

  16. Tushar Salaria

    Great work…! Pure masterpiece …!

  17. Neetu MODGIL

    Colour combinations are beautiful. Amazing.

  18. Siddharth chaturvedi

    Amazing artwork.

  19. Nikita Bishnoi

    Such an amazing piece of art! Hues are eye-catching… kudos to the artist!

  20. Siddharth chaturvedi

    Exceptional work done. All the best.

  21. Sujata Shrivvastava

    The dimension and depth in this painting is flawlessly done. I am floored by how beautiful this painting is. A wonderful depiction of Ganesha.

  22. Shweta Khare

    Fabulous Painting. Extremely clean and Beautiful work

  23. Poonam Sharma

    It is a masterpiece of art. Great work.

  24. Nidhi Shrivastava

    Lovely illustration of our ancient stone sculpture. The artist has so wonderfully captured the shades of stone with beautiful patina.

  25. Neetu Singh

    Even in water color this painting looks like sculpture. Magnificently and painstakingly used colors to give the sculpture effect to the intricate design.

  26. Anupama Khare

    The painting looks like a real sculpture. Intricate work and colours are chosen brilliantly. It’s mesmerizing. Amazing art work artist 🙂

  27. K Surendranathan

    My first impression on looking at this excellent peace of artwork was that I was viewing a sculpture of Lord Ganesha. It is only when I scrolled down to the description that I realised that the medium used was watercolour. Indeed, great colour combination used with equal brilliance and finesse. The artist has paid attention even to the minute details to her work which can be seen in the way each patterns on the pedestal are differently depicted, though on the first viewing, all these designs looked the same. A piece of absolutely captivating visual treat!

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