Dr Arunima Shrivastava

(46 customer reviews)


Watercolour on Paper
16.5 x 11.5 Inches
Ref No: 805-150


46 reviews for Dr Arunima Shrivastava

  1. Ashok

    I am falling short of words.. amazing work!! Very neat, very meticulous…

  2. Mayank

    This is a marvellous pieces of art!! So intricately done…

  3. Aman Singh

    Absolutely stunning work

  4. Tanmay

    Such flair is seldom found in contemporary art. Almost qualifies as an antique work. Kudos.

  5. Anupama Khare

    Beautiful art piece. Amazing and precise detailing with lovely colour combination. It is depicting Indian God and culture with beautiful yet soothing colours. Wonderful intrinsic work. Loved it!!

  6. Naindeep Johar

    Awsum work.best wishes

  7. Neha

    She’s excellent……have seen her other pieces as well…..she’s just superb…

  8. Ishan Goyal

    Great pieces with vibrant colours and depth of perspective. While a take on traditional Indian sculptures, the geometrical designs lend them a flavour unique to the artist

  9. Deepika

    Absolutely amazing piece of art

  10. Nawaz Ashraf

    great job keep it up

  11. Samreen khan

    Great piece of sanctified art, vibrant, expressive, unique with a lot of precision and uniqueness as the blend of colours express the way of life.Devotion with serenity.

  12. Pallavi Khare


  13. Ruby GOEL

    Beautiful artwork…nice detailing giving amazing 3d effect..

  14. Jang Veer Singh Guron

    This is a marvelous painting. A mere gaze is compelling me to keep viewing it. The beauty of thought behind the painting is visible in the artwork.

  15. Vishal Jain


  16. Vibhuti

    Very beautiful

  17. Manoj Gautam

    What a refined work ? ???
    God speed.

  18. Shiju Raj

    An intricate work by a versatile artist. The selection of colours and depth of the subject is indeed noteworthy. The quality of paint work is quite commendable.

  19. Nikhil

    Amazing work. You are a talented soul Arunima. Loved your art always. Way to go.

  20. Vikalp

    Beautiful and fine artwork

  21. Ritu Anand

    Awesome painting

  22. Sk

    It seems a love painting….

  23. Sk

    Correction. A live painting.

  24. Aman Nidhi


  25. Nandini

    Excellent art work

  26. Nishank Awasthi

    beautiful n brilliant….

  27. Rati Dutt

    Artist has an ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas. Dr Arunima in my view is one such artist creating whole domains of colour and texture that touch a nerve deep inside our hearts and minds.Her paintings are not constrained by obvious figurative or landscape content. She has a gift to put her and your thoughts on canvas. No wonder she is the artist of who can even put your cherished memories amazingly on the canvas. Arunima’s work is absolutely inspiring. Her pieces have a mystic quality that transports you to an altogether different world like the above painting that is so heavenly.

  28. Neha Kaushal

    An interesting choice for portrayal of the subject Shivaa here- rock sculpture. The monochrome greys of the temple rock sculptures have been beautifully given a relief on paper by sparse use of warm colours. Arunima you have managed to put a lot of elements with fine details. I especially like the coarse texture of rocks depicted on the face, hands and legs. Tremendous! Another great effort by Dr A Shrivastava. All the best.

  29. Rajesh Khare

    Beautiful! ! Nice transparent effect.

  30. Tushar Salaria

    Amazing Artwork…!!!

  31. Sudarshana Vashist

    Amazing art work….spellbound

  32. Saurabh Tiwari

    Beautiful Work

  33. Michelle

    Perfect blend of mordern and contemporary art. Highly skilled.

  34. Siddharth chaturvedi

    Excellent artwork. Such depth in colour is rarely seen these days. All the best and keep it up.

  35. Appan Anand

    Authentic Indian art form! Reminds me of our historical grandeur.

  36. Deepika

    Beautiful ?

  37. Soumya

    Wonderful work!
    The depth and details are beautifully captured!

  38. Sujata Shrivvastava

    Stunning work, brilliantly capturing the essence of Hindu mythology. She has wonderfully fused a modern and classic art style.

  39. Shweta Khare

    Beautiful Painting. Simply loved the art and minute work done by the painter with such precision

  40. Nirmala Tyagi

    A beautiful mythological painting. Usage of colours is very thoughtful taking one deep into the subject.

  41. Poonam Sharma

    I like your colour choices. Excellent work.

  42. Swati Mathur


  43. Prachi Varma

    Beautiful piece of art in which hues of blue are used to depict the emotions of the artist expressed through this painting. Dr Arunima has a bright future ahead.

  44. Nidhi Shrivastava

    Amazing artwork with such detailed illustration of our ancient stone sculpture. The artist has so wonderfully captured the shades of stone patina.

  45. Ajit Verma

    Awesome level of detailing in every inch of the frame. Complete justice has been done to a very difficult to deliver task. Ethereal piece of art !

  46. K Surendranathan

    I consider this marvellous art piece as the work of an artist who is blessed with an outstanding creativity. The mood of Lord Nataraja is brought out admirably well. The more I delve into the visual effects so smartly created by Dr Arunima, it makes it difficult to distinguish the real from the unreal. This sculptural painting is extremely alluring and pleasing to the eye. Highly impressive work.

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