Dr Arunima Shrivastava

(24 customer reviews)


Mountain Girl
Watercolour on Paper
16.5 x 11.5 Inches
Ref No: 805-148


24 reviews for Dr Arunima Shrivastava

  1. Ashok

    Brilliant work! Artist has very delicately worked on the features… wonderful watercolor job!!

  2. Mayank

    Child’s innocence is purely captured here… wonderful work with watercolors…best wishes to the artist!

  3. Aman Singh

    Perfectionist … nothing except ‘WOW’

  4. Nawaz Ashraf

    the emotions in the picture looks so real

  5. Vishal Jain

    Such an amazing work

  6. Vibhuti

    Very beautiful

  7. Sk

    Simplistically profound painting … It brings calm and happiness just by looking at it

  8. Vasundhara Tinjani

    Arunima your work is commendable beyond words, really love the originality of your art and your style.

  9. Aman Nidhi

    Amazing work

  10. Jyoti deswal

    It’s breathtaking piece… such a beautiful amalgamation of expressions and clrs…. Just amazing…

  11. Neha Kaushal

    What to say – I can literally hear the soft giggle of the mountain girl and feel the soft breeze playing with her hair. What a beautiful harmony of colours. The greys of the background really liven up the blush of cheeks and the vibrant beads of her necklace. A stunner! Well done Dr Arunima Shrivastava.

  12. Nishank Awasthi

    Such a beautiful capture of innocence….

  13. Tushar Salaria

    Amazing….Looks real ?

  14. Komal

    Beautiful… the child looks almost real..

  15. Sujata Shrivvastava

    Excellent work , proud of you and your work , lots of biessings

  16. Sujata Shrivvastava

    Excellent work , proud of you and your work , l

  17. Sujata Shrivvastava

    Brautiful work. This painting is so transformative, i feel like I am right there with this young girl as her giggles carry in the breeze.

  18. Pooja

    This is so pretty….Looks alive.

  19. Poonam Sharma

    Art is life and so is painting. Amazing work.

  20. Nidhi Shrivastava

    Absolutely lovely painting. The artist has captured the expression of bliss so well.

  21. Neetu Singh

    Dr Arunima has so beautifully captured the mountain girls freshness and innocence, from the rosy cheeks to the sparkling smile. She has eye for detail which is reflected in the colorful bead jewellery worn by the child. Looking at the picture gives you a very happy feeling.

  22. Anupama Khare

    Happiness and innocence are captured beautifully. The spark in the smile is visible. Brilliant use of colours and emotions… Way to go Arunima!! All the best 🙂

  23. K Surendranathan

    Yet another remarkable piece of excellent artistry by Dr Arunima. The genuineness and warmth of the little girl’s expressions so vividly captured by the artist is commendable. When one zooms in on this brilliant work, one can see that the twinkle in the eyes of the child combines well with her disarming smile, creating a sense of calmness in the viewer’s mind. The colours chosen by the artist are quite apt and equally soothing. Keep going, Arunima!

  24. Ibensreet Bajwa

    The artwork looks fantabulous….A lot of hardwork and patience has gone into it….A fine piece.

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