Kamla Ravikumar

(6 customer reviews)


Cow Pose
Acrylic on Canvas
22 x 22 Inches
Ref No: 728-48


6 reviews for Kamla Ravikumar

  1. Gita Mohindra

    Amalgamating our ancient form of yoga , being, the harmony of mind and body with another ancient form of art is so creative that one can’t help but admire the works of artist Kamla Ravikumar. Absolutely original in thought and depiction.

  2. Shima Joshi

    Lovely! I love this art work of Kamla Ravi Kumar. It’s unique, creative and original. The fine details color schemes and comparisons are brought to light. One cannot help but admire this unique painting.

  3. Vijaya murty

    Art imitating life or life imitating art , this painting by Kamla Ravi Kumar has captured this concept beautifully ! The
    cow pose technically is so relaxing that in this painting the artist has provided a very conducive environment especially with that beautiful tree to inspire anyone to try yoga!!

  4. Shammi Sandhu

    Seeing artist Kamla Ravikumar’s work over the years has been fascinating. Her interest in working with multi art media in different platforms and styles, her work is unique.

  5. Girijha Shashank

    Kamala Ravikumar’s painting brings out the very essence of Yoga. The intricate detailing, calming colours and interesting composition depict a blissful balance between being rooted and free spirited. Wonderful work!

  6. Suryamurty

    I like Kamla Ravikumar’s artwork based on The ancient meditative form of YOGA.

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