Kamla Ravikumar

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Dhyani Mudra
15 x 5 x 5 Inches
Ref No: 728-47


5 reviews for Kamla Ravikumar

  1. Padma gautham

    This sculpture looks so real, and conveys so much emotion. It is reaching out, and there is so much attention to detail

  2. Padma gautham

    I like this work of kamla ravikumar because it conveys so much peace. It reaches out to me

  3. Gita Mohindra

    Graceful bronze by artist Kamla Ravikumar capturing the classic meditation pose of yoga in a distinctive style. Great sense of peace .

  4. Vijaya murty

    This sculpture has captured the depth of the Dhyani Mudra which we saw often take for granted!
    The natural instinct is to set everything down and try doing the Mudra which artist Kamla Ravi Kumar has so magnificently inspired through her work.
    The joined thumbs symbolize a shape of the irregularities of the
    imperfect world and the bridge built by the fingers of the two hands demonstrate the resilience and strength in the support to deal with the challenges of our imperfect world we live in!!!
    It’s definitely a thought provoking sculpture !!!!

  5. Madhavi Lata

    I love this sculpture by Kamla Ravikumar . The ring finger represent the earth ,Prithvi. It has been used since ancient times to represent the flow of spiritual energy.It is stronger than Agni.The subject matter of the yoga mudra and the expressiveness of the form is mutually reenforcing.The sculptures are mot mere representations of fact but communicate a wide range of subtle and powerful feeing z. Truly a remarkable and unique piece ofb art

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