Madhavi Bhaskar

(22 customer reviews)


Charcoal on Paper
15 x 22 Inches
Ref No: 728-58


22 reviews for Madhavi Bhaskar

  1. Ashwani Sharma

    Rarest of the Rare….Bliss to see such a great Art Work

  2. Amit Malik


  3. Sonia Tandon

    Awesome painting… proud of you Madhavi … ??????

  4. Ruchi Sharma

    It’s so so real. Love ur work.

  5. Sachet Sharma


  6. Madhavi

    Brilliant work

  7. Dr. Kanta Mukherjee

    Life like peace of art. Excellent work by artist

  8. Ashok Bharadia


  9. Ashok Bharadia


  10. Bhavna Momaya

    Loved expression….Profound

  11. Anuj Bhatnagar

    Excellent charcoal magic

  12. Keara

    Amazing work with the charcoal and the background too.
    The painting has an air of serenity.

  13. Manish


  14. Vijay sharma

    Lovely expression and details

  15. Rajul Grewal

    Absolutely beautiful..loved it ♥️

  16. Chitiprolu Subba Rao

    Tranquillity, the title and theme chosen by the artist Madhavi Bhaskar, is what drew me to this particular painting, amongst a few of her.

    Not money, not fame, what all we need is tranquillity in life. Purpose of all our actions or inactions is to attain peace in our mind.

    Mother gives best possible comfort when the child is in her womb. Here in the painting, the mother reposes the child into tranquillity by wrapping her in a soft scarf as if it is tailored from layers of the womb.

    These are the impressions I got when I saw the painting.

    Body of the scarf, both outside and inside, came out very granular. Edge of the scarf is depicted by free-flowing white band perfectly resembling the real curvatures. Such meticulousness reveals the deftness of the artist’s fingers.
    Perhaps the artist chose to draw closed fist to illustrate the child in complete peace.

    Intensely black eyelids on the closed eyes bring out tranquillity with depth. In an otherwise a pure black and white charcoal painting, selection of blue colour for the sky adds modernity to antiquity.

    I am grateful to my friend Ajay who introduced me to Madhavi’s painting in Bombay Art Society online exhibition.

  17. Shelleyja thakur

    Absolutely amazing artwork! You are truly an amazing artist. Love your work.

  18. Vrinda Bhaskar

    This indeed has so much depth and feeling that one can even feel as they see it! So beautiful! ✨

  19. Soumya Iyengar

    Amazing !!!!!!

  20. Doma

    It’s lovely

  21. Anubha Banerji

    Beautiful ?

  22. Aashnah

    Absolutely loved your painting Madhavi. You’re highly underrated

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