Madhavi Bhaskar

(22 customer reviews)


Hope & Despair
Charcoal on Paper
15 x 22 Inches
Ref No: 728-57


22 reviews for Madhavi Bhaskar

  1. Ashwani Sharma

    Great piece of work…

  2. Amit Malik

    There is light for every one, have faith and hope – very well projected

  3. Amit Malik

    There i light for every one, if have a faith and hope

  4. Sonia Tandon

    Superb piece of work !

  5. Shailja sharma

    You have put a lot of hatdwork into this piece n it has paid off. U r such a great artist. I really love ur art.

  6. Madhav

    Excellent work!

  7. Ruchi Sharma


  8. Sachet Sharma


  9. Anuj Bhatnagar

    Simply awesome

  10. Bhavna Momaya


  11. Keara

    So simple yet so intense… amazing piece!

  12. Nehal Saraogi

    Absolutely absolutely amazing work! Truly talented. The artist has so much variety to offer. ??

  13. Nehal Saraogi

    Absolutely amazing work! Truly talented. The artist has so much variety to offer. ??

  14. Vijay Sharma

    Superb painting

  15. Shelleyja thakur

    Excellent artwork!

  16. Arun Prabhakar

    Superb artwork… This painting has a very deep meaning… Amazing expressions…

  17. Vrinda Bhaskar

    Lovely piece of work, I just sayyy :’)

  18. Soumya Iyengar

    Brilliant piece of art!!!!

  19. Doma

    Innocence of childhood captured beautifully by Madhavi

  20. Anubha Banerji

    Too good…Very artistic superb work ? ?

  21. Anubha Banerji

    Too good… very artistic superb work ? ?

  22. Aashnah Hamirwasia

    Loved the painting! Hope to see more of your work soon.

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