Mangala Bhonkhade

(13 customer reviews)


Ray of Hope
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 30 Inches
Ref No: 730-92


13 reviews for Mangala Bhonkhade

  1. Lalit Bobde

    Your painting style is good.

  2. Ragini Bhojane

    Very nice painting

  3. Sanjayata lalwani

    The style of painting is too good, outstanding ❣️?

  4. Priti Nimbhorkar

    Excellent ?️? painting

  5. Vishwajeet Pundkar

    Simply amazing! The perfection in work is beyond the words.

  6. Rohini Sawarkar

    Its an amazing art work….Beautiful painting

  7. Archana Deshpande

    Excellent creativity.

  8. Dr.Tejal Mehta

    Very creative and awesome painting…

  9. Shilpa Kathane

    One of the finest paintings I have ever seen

  10. Pooja tayade


  11. Nilesh Tayade

    What a beautiful painting……

  12. Aishwarya Sinha

    Amazing work

  13. Nisha Chandak

    You are indeed a superb, creative and the most innovative artist

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