Manish Sharma

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Beyond the Horizon A 23
Acrylic Ink& Pencil on Canvas
52 x 52 Inches
Ref No: 729-113
Merit Certificate

10 reviews for Manish Sharma

  1. Neelsai

    It is a masterpiece of art. Great work.

  2. Niranjan K Joshi

    Manish Sharma is an incredible artist..in this masyerpiece “Beyond the horizon” he vividly depicts the depth and articulates intricate details through the medium of pencil & acrylic ink. Picture brings the horizon to life & seems as though he has poured his heart on the canvas

  3. Satish N. Patel

    “Beyond the Horizon” is really a very beautiful work. The artist’s impression of being blown away by the shadow light and the depth is really to be thanked. The subject matter is instinctive, but the way in which the artist has presented it, we see the introduction of his in-depth study in this work. Really once again congratulations to Manishbhai for creating this work and displaying it here.
    Thank you

  4. M H JOSHI

    Excellent Art

  5. Pritidevi Sharma

    Excellent work

  6. Tripti

    Excellent Art Work

  7. Gauri Sharma

    Beyond words the work is really beautiful and amazing. Definitely left people speechless ?

  8. Rohit Sharma

    Very nice jiju

  9. Prateek Nepaliya

    Amazing work! Loved the features.

  10. Tripti

    Best art work

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