Neha Thackeray Manini

(6 customer reviews)


Field of Red
Oil on Canvas
30 x 36 Inches
Ref No: 703-5


6 reviews for Neha Thackeray Manini

  1. Neha’s fan

    That sunrise looks so beautiful. It brings back memories of sunrises I’ve been up to. Now this is what I call art.

  2. Kartik Rajani

    Such a lovely field of red flowers. Dark colour is a symbol of confidence which is depicted in this painting. Shining sun shows you the path towards success using your self confidence.

  3. Pareedhi

    Love her paintings !!
    Her style is so realistic .

  4. SJ

    Just can’t stop looking at this view…. Lovely flowers and perfect skies and sun. Love the painting

  5. Apurva R

    It’s just perfect!!! You look at it and nothing more needs to be said…. That’s Neha’s work

  6. Rishi Raut

    This painting makes me wish to visit this place…. It is really that enticing. Love it

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