Neha Thackeray Manini

(5 customer reviews)


Teal Tide
Oil on Canvas
30 x 36 Inches
Ref No: 703-6


5 reviews for Neha Thackeray Manini

  1. Kartik Rajani

    Such a lovely piece of art. The rising tide depicts how high one can succeed in life. It also depicts that once the tide settles its only water. So one has always respect the good time in their life because bad time will just keep you flowing like the settled tide.

  2. Swarupa Joshi

    Lovely work!!

  3. Apurva Raut

    I can already feel standing on the rift listening to sound of waves and seeing this beautiful view in moonlight. Perfect capture of a lovely night.

  4. Rishi R

    Love the moonlight, waves and dark skies. Very beautiful!!

  5. Pareedhi

    Stunning piece of Art !!
    Her dedication and passion is seen through her work .

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