Prashant Phusate

(64 customer reviews)


Queens Necklace
Mixed media on Canvas
72 x 48 Inches
Ref No: 730-205


64 reviews for Prashant Phusate

  1. rinkle


  2. Adhyatman

    It’s beautiful

  3. Nirbhay

    Wonderful piece of art. ??

  4. Tanushree Fulzele



    Your perspective on art is refreshing.

  6. Sandhaj Ramteke

    Subtle yet eye catching

  7. Anagha

    This painting keeps getting better all the time every time I take a look at it !! ✨

  8. Anagha

    This painting keeps getting better all the time every time I take a look at it !

  9. Sumit

    It is a masterpiece of art. Great work.

  10. Kapil Agrawal

    Awesome painting.. in this Digital world.. it’s rear to find Original Artistic Hand work .. Keep it up

  11. Annapurani Venkatesan

    Very beautifully painted

  12. Prashant Kumar

    Great Work.

  13. Dr Kumar

    Mesmerizing Prashant . A big salute to your creativity. Keep up the good work. Wish you all the best . ?

  14. Imteyaz Perwez

    Beautiful….unmatched painting..

  15. Amol



    Beautiful ! Nostalgic!!

  17. Sunita ladhe mhaiskar

    What a beauty

  18. Megha k

    Marvellous brother marvelous we grow up seeing this u made it more beautiful by painting hats off to your imagination how one should paint… Bravo…

  19. Santosh KC

    Queen necklace made by King of painting.
    Really mesmerising

  20. Nikhil Ramteke


  21. Ritesh Kumar

    Artistic depictions….

  22. Mr Anil Godhawale

    Prahsant portrayed in a deep thought-provoking facade that speaks to the uniformity in his subject matter. Impressive

  23. M


  24. Monica

    Masterpiece by passionate Prashant..Superb..

  25. Sunil T

    Awesome ?.. well thought and pleasant

  26. Vishakha

    Marvellous way of putting thoughts into painting, great work done on this piece.

  27. Dr. Shishir Sonkusale

    Beautiful work indeed.

  28. Amol Samarth


  29. Tara


  30. Dr Suresh Chaware

    Very beautiful

  31. Dr.Bharat Deshraj.

    Mind blowing ! Beyond words.
    Such a creativity in such a young age. My salutations .

  32. Alankar

    No two works of art are similar and no two painters can be compared. But this one reminds me of ‘The Starry Night’. Cant stop myself getting reminded of the brush strokes made famous by the master.


    I have been to and seen the Queen’s necklace so many times..never saw it in this perspective. Wow!

  33. Dr Anjali Dhote

    Very beautiful prashant

  34. Dr. Ashish Tawani

    Excellent piece of art. It reflects the passion and dedication of the artist.

  35. Sarika Machwe


  36. Mukesh

    Marvellous ,Masterpiece like putting life in inanimate

  37. Nilesh Anand Bharne IPS

    Very novel refreshing angles to look at things

  38. Nilesh Anand Bharne IPS

    Pursuing the passion to the core of heart

  39. Kuldeepak Nahar

    You have put a lot of hard work into this piece and it has come across well ! … amazing

  40. snehal samarth

    Mesmerizing work!

  41. Praveen Gedam

    This captures my most favourite place and time to sit and relax in Mumbai. Marine Drive in the night. Too good. Remembering my moments spent there….

  42. Padma

    Dazzling art.
    It’s reminds me Michelangelo’s quote –
    “A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.”

  43. Anant

    Great piece of art… well done ?

  44. Mukul Bhaskarwar

    Reflection are difficult to capture, when its in water its more difficult. But this job was superbly done by Prashant.

  45. Bankim

    It takes a master craftsman to create something worth the regality.This is one such creation worth a place in the palace!!

  46. Bhavana

    It’s beautiful

  47. Milind

    Great Job! You are awesome !!

  48. Alkesh soni

    Reminds me of marine drive of mumbai

  49. Nilima Gavai

    Hands down mesmerizing and truly an ode to the lively city. Just loved it!

  50. Kajal

    Elegant work
    Great job ?

  51. Nitin Chahande

    Your perspective on art is refreshing. Great job. Keep it up.

  52. Nitin Chahande

    Excellent. You are a great artist. Keep it up.

  53. Ravi Talreja

    Too good!!

  54. GD


  55. Sarika Chaudhari

    Beautiful! Truly magical !!

  56. Shankar G

    I am speechless be seeing this masterpiece

  57. Mandakini Dhabarde

    Masterpiece of an Art!!!

  58. Pranav


  59. Arshit Patil

    Excusite and flawless

  60. Dr Madhavi

    अवर्णिय ??????

  61. Dr Madhavi

    अवर्णनीय ???????

  62. Prashant Ekude

    It’s more real than real. Great depiction and imagination

  63. Lalitha Kannan

    Classic !!!
    Passion depicted.

  64. Swapnil

    Magestic display of Queens Necklace.

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