Prashant Phusate

(80 customer reviews)


Mixed Media on Canvas
72 x 48 Inches
Ref No: 730-203


80 reviews for Prashant Phusate

  1. rinkle


  2. Adhyatman

    Very nice

  3. Adhyatman


  4. Nirbhay

    Amazing work done by the artist??

  5. Tanushree Fulzele



    Great job!!!!

  7. Tushar

    Awesome painting

  8. Sandhaj Ramteke

    Ochre legacy

  9. Anagha

    Great piece of art. I appreciate the details and specifics !

  10. Sumit

    Beautifully filling a space ,that is what your sketch depicts.

  11. Vinay U Gupta

    Very beautiful and mindful paintings by Mr.Prashant phusate. He is well known for his art from last 20 years .

  12. Annapurani Venkatesan

    I have lived near Dhobighat.. Very beautifully brought out the scenes

  13. Prashant Kumar


  14. Dr Kumar

    Simply amazing. Lot of Hardwork gone in making such a marvelous piece. All the best Phusate…Many more laurels to Come

  15. Andrew

    Very nice it reminds me of the real one when I visited India first time

  16. Imteyaz Perwez

    Super Art…..Awesome

  17. Shashi Kant


  18. Amol


  19. Kamal Narayan

    Woderful piece of work

  20. Vineet


  21. Vineet

    Exceptionally good

  22. Megha k

    It’s lovely same as what it looks frm certain height since this place is was close to our home once upon a time ..it’s exact look a like ..Bravo…

  23. Sunita ladhe mhaiskar


  24. Megha k

    This is lovely it’s same since we have seen this from childhood …there is no difference bro

  25. Mr Anil Godhawale

    Prahsant portrayed in a deep thought-provoking facade that speaks to the uniformity in his subject matter. Impressive

  26. Santosh KC

    It’s beautiful

  27. Nikhil Ramteke


  28. Dr Suresh Chaware


  29. Ritesh Kumar

    Passionate portray of realistic imagination… unique way of narratives

  30. Prashant Saurabh


  31. M


  32. Padma


  33. Kavita raipure


  34. Monica


  35. Bandana

    Awesome art work

  36. Sunil T

    500 feet arial view of Dhobighat came out very nicely… Excellent painting ?

  37. Anuj Gupta

    Every canvas is heart touching. Best wishes

  38. Vishakha

    Amazing work!!

  39. Sharad jambhrunkar

    Beautiful artworks to treasure!

  40. Dr Anjali Dhote

    Wow mesmerizing art work

  41. Parimal Fuke

    Very inspiring work

  42. Dr. Shishir Sonkusale

    Great imagination….

  43. Tara


  44. Dr. Ashish Tawani

    Excellent depiction of Dhobi Ghat on canvas. Can’t think of anything better than this. Simply marvellous and amazing.

  45. Alankar


  46. Sarika Machwe


  47. Rahul Marothi


  48. Rahul Marothi


  49. snehal samarth


  50. Dr Mrs Rajratna

    Loved it

  51. Kuldeepak Nahar

    So much thoughtful this piece is. And great amount of efforts have been given on the details.

  52. Dr Madhavi

    Beautiful Ariel view

  53. Dr Madhavi

    Ariel view- nobody would have thought ….. looking beautiful

  54. Praveen Gedam

    Vivid colours and bold strokes. Too good.

  55. Anant

    Great piece of art… Well done

  56. Mukul Bhaskarwar

    Awesome bird’s eye view of Dhobi ghat. Putting it in canvas was delicate job and painter has done justice to the job.

  57. Bhavana


  58. Milind

    Wow Great !!! Amazing Art Work !!!

  59. Nilima Gavai

    Impeccable! Just perfectly splendid.

  60. Gajanan Tonge

    What a imagination! Beautiful ??

  61. Vishal Piparewar

    Nicely done with details on canvas.

  62. Sandeep phusate


  63. Bhavana

    It’s awesome

  64. sidd

    Amazing imagination. looks like a real picture

  65. Sarika Chaudhari

    Remarkable piece of art. Prashant has so much attention to the details along with beautiful use of color combinations !!

  66. Sarika Chaudhari

    Remarkable piece of art!! Prashant has so much attention to details along with the beautiful use of color combination!!

  67. Shankar G

    amazing work

  68. Mandakini Dhabarde


  69. Nita Borkar

    Awe-inspiring art. Creating something inspirational depicting everyday life is a difficult task that the painter has attempted and has achieved it quite successfully.

  70. Pranav


  71. Prashant Ekude

    Mesmerising work. Everytime I observe it , new aspects of paintings are seen. Great art work

  72. Vijaya Suresh


  73. Ashok Katulwar

    Awasome painting.It seems that Prashant has extra ordinary imagination power and also to put it in Canvas

  74. Lalitha Kannan

    Amazing and thought provoking…what an insight and hard work…

  75. Swapnil

    ? Simply superb

  76. Satish sinha


  77. Prakash Deshpande


  78. S ramesh babu

    Great beautiful painting

  79. Pramod Raut

    Utkrushta kalakruti

  80. Santosh Kumar

    Very thoughtful. Great work Prashant.

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