Ratnakar Kamat

(52 customer reviews)

Oil on Canvas
24 x 36 Inches
Ref No: 811-32


52 reviews for Ratnakar Kamat

  1. Niraj

    I really love that charismatic smile..
    AMAZING work!!!

  2. Komal

    Amazing work..it shows how passionate the artist is towards his work

  3. Anchal

    Wow its awesome..keep it up with gud work

  4. Bharat B Purohit

    One of the best painting I have ever seen. Looks like live experience !! Thanks Ratnakar for this amazing painting.

  5. Swapnil Desarda

    Excellent, specially the folds of shawl.

  6. Rajesh Kamat

    Brilliant work

  7. Mayura Kamat


  8. Shashikala

    Commendable ?

  9. Madhuri hasolkar


  10. Priti Anand

    On an instant Cheerful is the word that comes on mind . This is a cheerful piece of art . So well reflected .

  11. B.R verma

    Marvels work!!

  12. Niraj

    I found it difficult to stop looking at the drawing once I saw this Painting!!
    This work is Phenomenal.

  13. Neha

    No words just one word speechless.

  14. Anika Grotra

    Beautiful painting !!

  15. Nidhi

    What a breathtaking piece of painting❤

  16. Roma

    This is what we call a natural take…this smile is so pure which makes this painting lively ?

  17. Chandan Malik

    It’s so beautiful and classy artistic work

  18. Vivek Dogra

    Nice work

  19. Neha ydv

    Overall It is pretty ❤️

  20. Shruti verma

    WoW it’s awesome??

  21. Manjeet Singh


  22. Sid

    Beautiful piece of art…one of my favorite painter…his visualising power is outstanding.



  24. Garima tripathi

    Great work?

  25. Mukesh Vijayan

    Awesome Painting

  26. Mohit

    This is called sprite very nice I like it…

  27. Gagan

    The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work. Amazing painting with complete details..Amazing artist Mr Ratnakar very well done.

  28. Ruhi

    Wow, it’s beautiful, or, I love your style, or, what great detail, or, it gives me a good feeling, or, I like the warm colors.This piece of art is fantastic.

  29. Asha

    Brilliant work!!
    Thank you for sharing your work with not only us but the world.

  30. Ajeet verma

    Awesome 🙂

  31. Hardeep

    Amazing work done. Keep up the good work.

  32. Mukesh Kumar

    This is how the art express the view and kindness of an artist. This is amazing and heart touching.

  33. Jaspreet

    Beautiful art piece !

  34. Monika

    I’m so impressed! Wow Painting.

  35. Shakuntala verma

    Outstanding work

  36. Vineet


  37. Tony Gahlot

    Happiness on her face and relaxation can be seen with beauty and creativity in this art .. keep it up Mr. Ratnakar kamat.. best wishes.

  38. Pooja verma

    The Paiting is exceptional .Hats off to the artist.

  39. Garima Chugh

    What a heartful smile… Lovely painting

  40. Seema


  41. Kuldeep

    Lovely art work. The smile and colours are in sync, conveying the happiness.

  42. Neha Behl

    Amazing work
    Hats off!!!!

  43. Raunak

    Amazing, Sensational, Lively Piece of Art and Me got Mesmerized and falling deep into it

  44. Rehan Kamal

    Just one word .. wow
    This art is impeccable

  45. Aditi Tiwari

    Wow painting awesome

  46. Madhulika negi

    Unbelievable painting!!

  47. Sagar

    Being an artist is the same as being a wizard… only instead of a magic wand, you use a brush for your magic. MASTERPIECE!!You really are an artist! Keep it up.

  48. Naveen

    Fantastic work. Keep it up.

  49. Kirti

    I have never seen anything like it before..Amazing work.

  50. Rabia Rasheed

    Amazing piece of art… Keep it up

  51. Sumeet Kaura

    Amazing work.. please keep up the good work

  52. Priyanshu


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