Sanghapal Uttam Mhaske

(38 customer reviews)


Farmacy Lab
Oil on Canvas
24 x 30 Inches, 2021
Ref No: 805-58
Merit Certificate

38 reviews for Sanghapal Uttam Mhaske

  1. Dr. Partho Sen


  2. Shruti Namdev


  3. Simran Gusain

    When I see this painting, I was shocked… Because it’s doesn’t look like a handemade painting.

  4. Akhilesh kumar

    Superb se upper

  5. Maya Pradhan


  6. Maya Pradhan

    Exlant picture

  7. Mansi

    An amazing art?

  8. Rajratna

    I love this painting
    Beautiful painting
    Beautiful art

  9. Dhanraj karke

    Excellent painting

  10. Yashpal

    Mind Blowing??

  11. Sudhanshu negi

    Love the work

  12. Vanya Pawar

    Amazing work and exhibition of very fine art talent as artist has shown every small details in his artwork and amazing use of oil paints

  13. Jyoti Rajput

    Picture is very nice

  14. Dr Avnish Chauhan


  15. Anusha

    Woah.. Its awesome?

  16. Roshni Agarwal

    Awesome painting ?♥

  17. Sanjay kr Negi


  18. Sujata

    I think we goes in to chemistry lab
    Nice landscape

  19. Rahul

    Beautiful art
    Amazing painting

  20. Sanjay kr Negi


  21. Manish payal

    Very good

  22. Abhinav

    Bahut sunder

  23. Dr Vipin Kumar


  24. Dr. Vinay Kumar

    Nice one

  25. Prashant kamble


  26. Sumedh

    Amazing penting what a beautiful art

  27. Namrita saith

    Best potrait

  28. Shubhendu Sarkar

    Like this composition and the light falls to the surface …

  29. Harshdeep Singh


  30. Harshdeep Singh

    Amazing art

  31. Dr. Bhupendra Bansod

    What a creativity excellent

  32. Dr.Mangesh Bansod

    Wonderfull work by Sanghpal.

  33. Jyotsna

    Amazing work on painting great ?

  34. Mhaske kalpana uttam

    It’s a really painting? It’s a symbol of concentration of mind.

  35. Rishubh sharma

    Nice sir, awesome

  36. Poonam Pandit

    Beautiful work

  37. vimal chand

    Very nice and creative reflection is very nice ??

  38. Vishal

    One of the best art teacher

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