Sharmila Gupta

(48 customer reviews)


DeepIn Sea
Oil on Canvas
18 x 24 Inches
Ref No: 804-45


48 reviews for Sharmila Gupta

  1. Sharmila


  2. Vanshaj

    Very pretty and vibrance in the blue

  3. Suraj Laheru

    Super se upper wow Very nice

  4. Urvashi

    Love the colours

  5. Harpreet khandpur

    Nice Art work

  6. Nirbhaya Singh


  7. anmol kyal

    Absolutely beautiful painting. It’s filled with vivid colour palette, cool blue shades of the sea give a soothing effect to the eyes

  8. Manish kyal

    Whole life is in your hand doit or die

  9. Manish kyal

    Nice excellent painting

  10. Manish kyal

    Excellent painting
    Very nice

  11. Nirukta kyal

    The artist has shown a brilliant display of colours in the painting. Amazing work!!!

  12. Deepa


  13. Gaurav Phaterpekar

    Its stunning piece of work, very much nicely priced

  14. Manish kyal

    Very nice and excellent so nice colour combination

  15. Meena Kyal

    Painting worth be decorated on walls..superb deep secrets of ocean on canvas

  16. Deepa


  17. Veena Agarwal

    Amazing art work

  18. Sunil Garg


  19. Manish

    It’s simply amazing..

  20. Manish

    It’s simply awesome ?

  21. Dinesh Biyani

    Great painting

  22. Sanjay

    Excellent work…

  23. Rajesh


  24. Ranjeet

    Nice work

  25. Vidya Didwania

    Very nice

  26. Madhur parikh

    Very beautiful

  27. Dr Avinash Andhale


  28. Sumona ganguli

    Beautiful work

  29. Abhishek Choudhary


  30. Kshitish

    Excellent work.

  31. Tarun

    Very soothing.. Awesome artwork

  32. Shreejit shinde

    Nice painting

  33. Priyanka

    Very beautiful and alluring

  34. Sunil amin

    Deep inside the sea captured visually and artistic way. Will be very calming . Would love to keep in meeting room

  35. Amit Sen Roy


  36. Santosh Nair

    Awesome work

  37. Vaishnavi Balsekar

    Fine piece of Art. Soulfuly deep

  38. Snehal

    Awesome painting!

  39. Sunil

    Beautiful pic

  40. Maulik

    Superb Work by superb artist

  41. Adhar agarwal


  42. Kalpana Ved

    Nice work

  43. Anthony Raj

    The colors are well done. Feels deep in the sea.

  44. A-Kay

    Liked the hints of cobalt blue. A real standout from the crowd.

  45. Bristi


  46. Fatema Lodhger

    Loved the different shades of blue you have used. Feels like the depth of the ocean.

  47. Roopinder Chatrath


  48. Shaila

    Excellent!! I could sense the tranquility, serenity of the Nature’s beauty here. Loved the painting, in predominantly blue, Turquoise and the hues. The painting as a focal point of your living room will wash over the tensions of the day and you will feel the flow of calmness.

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