Shreya Padmanabhan

(3 customer reviews)


Identity Crisis
Ink on Paper
6 x 8 Inches
Ref No:610-7


3 reviews for Shreya Padmanabhan

  1. Ruchika singhal

    Showcasing female nudity like this in paintings is yet another way of insulting them!

  2. Bhanu kabra

    Identity crisis could be shown in many other ways much better than what it’s intending right now.

  3. Shreya Padmanabhan

    Seems that people have completely mistaken my concept. Any painting I make would never disrespect women in any way and it never was the intention firstly. The work has been titled identity crisis to refer the abominable wordplay. Here, the cat questions the legitimacy of the word and its existence in the first place. The painting essentially aims to mock the word and its derogatory usage in daily life.
    If you don’t feel the same way about my painting it is fine. But you need to read up on your art history. Showcasing female nudity suggestively doesn’t intend to insult women firstly. Look at Gustave Courbet’s paintings. You might get what I’m trying to say.
    Nevertheless seems you do not like my painting and that works for me. Not everyone enjoys the same piece of work. Cheers, have a great day!

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