Sinal Bajaj

(32 customer reviews)


Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 24 Inches
Ref No: 812-9


32 reviews for Sinal Bajaj

  1. Zenia Khan

    You are really hitting your stride.

  2. Rounak Bajaj

    I think she is an amazing painter and is well versed with her ideas which can be seen in her paintings.

  3. Palash

    Piecing together different seasons from the eyes of the birds on their favorite viewpoint

  4. Jitesh Mhatre

    A pure piece of art.

  5. Akash Banka

    The beauty of this painting is that there is nothing specific to be loved about the painting

  6. Armaan

    the artist has tunnel vision, each part is well worked. the perspective, lighting tones and color relations all are perfectly calculated. I feel like I’m experiencing each part with a different mood hit and the the more I see it, the more I wanna see it. the artist is definitely going places.

  7. Manish kumar

    Amazing work ✌🏻 keep it up

  8. J

    So much depth and creativity in this painting. Love the concept

  9. Agam Arora

    Amazing 😍

  10. Kaustubh Bhoir

    So many different angles this art have so beautiful pice of art

  11. Rishika

    Such fun colours! And so much talent in one picture

  12. Varun

    Great work!

  13. Nishilta

    Each section of this painting is equally unique and beautiful. A pleasure to the eyes everytime you look it. Creativity at its best! Great piece of art!

  14. Shivangi agrawal

    This painting keeps getting better every time I look at it.

  15. Delcy

    What is soo amusing about this piece of art is when I first saw it, The London Eye and the Tower Bridge caught my eye. Took me back to the time and more importantly the memories. When I looked at it after a couple of hours, it was the sky and the hot air balloons that caught my eye. The colours are vibrant yet somehow soothing and homely. Absolutely a marvel.

  16. Akansha Baral

    Really enjoyed the concept and the choice of colours here!

  17. Sahil Jethwani

    Simple yet creative! Love the perspective. Really makes you feel something

  18. Sajal Gupta

    Loved the concept!

  19. Sajal Gupta

    London eye must have been really difficult to sketch ! Next level !!

  20. Nilesh Isswani


  21. katyaini kotiyal

    Talented girl, her paintings are breathtaking!! Keep up the amazing work Sinal

  22. Mayank Bajaj

    Such an adorable painting it is 🥰, the most peaceful evening displayed in an single frame.

  23. Jeeshant Dhaliwal

    This has a naruto vibe

  24. Tyngkai

    Love her work!!!

  25. Chaitanya Bhoir

    Top class art

  26. Bhavleen

    Love it

  27. Rachit Poddar

    Woww! So beautifully stroked

  28. Swaraj

    Your perspective on art is refreshing.

  29. Avi

    Only Happy mind see the different shades of sky

  30. Kavya Abichandani

    An artist can deepen the mystery and I can completely find it in ur painting..Keep Goin sinal 👍

  31. vijay mangwani


  32. Vaibhavi Arora

    The artist clearly has put together different aspects london has to offer. Extremely thoughtful and gorgeous.

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