Sinal Bajaj

(28 customer reviews)


Pen on Paper
12 x 8 Inches
Ref No: 812-7


28 reviews for Sinal Bajaj

  1. Himanshu Nebhani

    So beautifully designed
    great artist ?‍?

  2. Abhansh

    this piece seems mute but at the same time shouts out loud with its sharp pen strokes, fine edges and radiating the power of mighty Ganesha. truly a work of art.

  3. Ravi

    Looks amazing. Great art work

  4. Kaustubh Bhoir

    Magnificent work
    Amazing artist

  5. Agam Arora

    Beautiful ?

  6. Rishika

    The strokes on this one are absolutely brilliant. What a piece of art!

  7. Nishilta

    Beautiful ! The attention to detail is impeccable. An amazing work of art!

  8. Nilesh isswani

    A masterpiece from a mastermind ?

  9. Shivangi agrawal

    An indeed griping work.

  10. Delcy

    Detailing at it’s very best! A solid solid piece of art!

  11. Mark Agrawal

    Love the details, effortless yet so expressive

  12. Akansha Baral

    Gets better the longer you look at it.

  13. Sahil Jethwani

    Thoughtfully done, you can almost fill in the blanks with different colours in your head, excellent example of individual outlook towards art!

  14. Sajal Gupta

    Magnificent !! Magic created !

  15. Sajal Gupta

    Magical !! Truly amazing

  16. Sajal Gupta

    Magical !!

  17. Sajal Gupta

    High level skills ! High level art !

  18. Sajal Gupta

    High level skills ! High level art ! Magic ✨ on paper

  19. Dhwani Gala

    Amazing Work… loved the details

  20. Rounak Bajaj

    Amazing stroke work done by the artist!

  21. Ananta Verma

    Enchanting ?

  22. Rachit Poddar

    Great piece of art!

  23. Rushal

    Great piece of art. I appreciate the details and specifics.

  24. Sapna Agrawal

    Amazing work

  25. Avi

    This piece reflects passionate multitasking work that should be done with calm & cool mind.

  26. Sakshi Talreja

    Excellent art work

  27. Manju

    Pretty ?

  28. Vaibhavi Arora

    The detailing is so on point, leaving one mesmerised..

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