Vimal Kumar Goutam

(12 customer reviews)


Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 24 Inches
Ref No: 624-1


12 reviews for Vimal Kumar Goutam

  1. Viplav Vishwakarma

    Wonderful painting showing the universal truth.

  2. Rashmi

    A very beautiful painting with a deep massage inside….

  3. Adesh Kumar

    Nice painting

  4. Saurabh singh

    Nyc work ..??
    Keep it up bro ??

  5. Viplav Vishwakarma

    Wonderful work by artist showing the universal truth.

  6. Ravi

    Nice work

  7. Surya Pratap

    Great art work

  8. Arun

    Nice one

  9. Akhilesh Chauhan

    This painting is showing ur hard work…
    Very niceee.

  10. Akhilesh Chauhan

    Keep it up dear..

  11. Lavi

    Nice work

  12. Ak Mishra

    Good work

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